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An image worth more than a thousand words

Pictures are a way of expression and one of the most important aspects in a celebration is keeping memories from the most amazing experiences in life. We are available to make your special day last forever. You can be hundred percent sure that you will have the best photography experience.

In Mas Positivo Producciones we make the most memorable collaborations with every known wedding planners in Malaga, most of all with those specialized in wedding destination in Spain. We are a company with years of experience and you can trust in our bounds with the wedding planners and venues. Our focus is to give you the best wedding photographer in Spain.

You can be completely sure that you will have the most gorgeous memories thanks to our crew of professionals lead by one of our wedding photographers and they will help you to bring back all the special memories from your wedding in Spain. The quality of our crew’s work is something with no comparison; it will make you feel again that you are back in that amazing place, with the people you love, having the best day of your life. We guarantee to keep all the memories of your event, making the memories last for the rest of the days to show them to the next generations and share with them just as if they were in that moment.

You will find yourself pleased with our services for weddings; we will not only give you pictures, but also videos in the best quality offer in the market of wedding venues Marbella. Besides it doesn´t matter if you have a wedding in a hotel, in a country house, a private village or a beach wedding in Spain, which are quite popular in any season of the year, you will have the best wedding photographer creating the most spectaculars photos for you to remember.

During a wedding there are many things happening at the same time and because of that sometimes you can miss some details that are quite important for you. With our crew you won’t miss any detail, even if you were in the other side of the room you can be sure that you will see whatever thing that your guests did. You will enjoy everything; you won’t have to worry about try to catch everything happening around you, because someone is already doing it.

We are located in Spain, it doesn’t matter with which wedding planner in Marbella you are working with, we are here to make sure that you special day won’t go unnoticed; you will have the chance to be with a Malaga photographer, for example who really knows the area and has already precious experience working there, making this way your experience ten times better. Plus, as mentioned before the Marbella wedding venues had already worked with us, so we have a trustfully relationship, and we are also pretty known all around Spain.

You can have a photo-shoot from basically any detail you want, from the pre wedding shoot, which would include since the moments you arrive to your hotel, the gatherings, bachelors parties, as well as everything that is set up right before the ‘I do’ moment, like the set up of the venue, the decoration, the guests, the preparation of the couple, and we could also do the ‘first look’ experience if you want it. After all that you can have all the shoots from the celebration itself, the entrance, the reactions, and the walk to the isle, the vows, everything will be reminded not only on your memory. As well as every detail about the reception, your guests, the first dance, the wedding cake, the food, everything will be documented so you will have the sweet beautiful memories of you dreamed wedding in Spain.

If you are a professional in the wedding world ask about our special prices !!

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